About Me

Hi everyone! I am Tina and I created this blog. I really love to write blogs because it helps me convey my ideas, thoughts, and advice and share my personal experiences with other people. When I graduated from college, I didn’t choose to work on a specialized job because of my passion to search and learn new things on the internet.

I spend so much time on it that it makes feel really tired and sick. My overall health was at risked then because of too much work. It caused me to become stressed and feel anxious. That is the time I decided that I should pause and lessen my time for work.

A really good friend of mine advised me to look for activities that will help me relax and regain my strength. Hence, I realized I should do the things that I enjoy the most such as reading books, playing some games, practicing sports and strolling alone or with loved ones.

I also study and engaged myself to yoga (and found out that I am gifted with yoga skills and moves.. LOL). I also played golf, tennis basketball and football. These activities bring back my healthy spirit and enthusiasm.

At the same time, these physical activities helped eliminate all sorts of body pains that I am feeling before. I feel great and rejuvenated. Thus, I am here to remind and give me tips and advise to you and to other readers that staying active mentally and physically, can definitely make us feel refresh, motivated and stronger.

Let me share my journey with all of you.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of my blog site.