How to Pick the Best 80-Gallon Air Compressor


If you are a hardcore DIY enthusiast or industry worker, then even the best 40-gallon air compressor may not be enough to keep up with your needs and demands. What you need is the best industrial air compressor in the form of an 80-gallon model.In this article, we will talk about the four best 80-gallon Air Compressors produced by the top air compressor manufacturers as well as the important considerations when choosing an air compressor. So, check it out! Before we proceed to the in-depth reviews, below is a quick comparison table to help you quickly weigh the differences between the four products listed here.

Top 4 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews

To choose the best product, you need to know certain information that can take a lot of time and effort. But don’t worry! We already did the hard part for you! The following reviews are based on our research that can hopefully help you make an informed decision before purchasing an air compressor.

1. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

Built to last, the Powermate Vx PLA4708065 features a durable full cast iron cylinder body and steel tank. Its 15-Amp powerful motor delivers 4.7 horsepowers, 240 volts, and a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.

This air compressor can easily supply pressure for power tools like spray guns, hammers, impacts, and ratchets, providing 14-CFM at 90 PSI. Thanks to the cooling wired-formed belt guard, it also won’t overheat.

Other notable features include an oil-lubricated pump with a one-piece cast iron crankcase, a beautiful 3-cylinder design, an easily accessible oil-fill, and oil-level sight glass, a 12-inch cast iron flywheel, Swedish stainless steel flex valves, and a large filter with synthetic oil and silencers.



●    Longer air tool run time

●    Powerful and consistent flow

●    Reasonable noise level

●    Durable and lasts for years

●    Cooling belt guard to prevent overheating


●    Heavy and is likely to fall on its side

●    Needs to be bolted in place. Otherwise, it will move

2. Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Vertical Two-Stage 80-Gallon Air Compressor

If you are a hardcore DIY user, automotive enthusiast, or someone who works in a small shop, the Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 is the ideal 80-gallon air compressor for you! Operating on 230 Volts, this model can run more than twenty high-demand air tools for daily use.

This compressor features a maximum pressure of 175 PSI and a 14 CFM at 90 PSI. It is commercial-duty and features a cast iron, oil-lubricated two-stage pump.

The HS5180 can offer up to 12, 000 hours of extended service life. The ASME-code tank with a vertical design also helps save space in your workshop or garage and allows for easy storage. For your safety and protection, it has a fully enclosed metal belt guard.

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These are just some of the reasons why the HS5180 is considered the best 80 gallons 2 stage air compressor.


●    Space-saving vertical design

●    Operates many different air tools for a variety of projects

●    Metal belt guard helps ensure a safe operation

●    Runs smoothly and quietly

●    Relatively compact

●    Well-built and durable

●    12, 000 hours estimated performance time


●    May require frequent oil change

●    Not heavy-duty, so it is not ideal for prolonged, continuous use

●    Does not come with a power cord, a helpful manual, isolation pads

3. EMAX Model ES05V080I1 Two-Stage 80-Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

Looking for the best vertical air compressor that is quiet and low RPM? The EMAX ES05V080IT 80-gallon Air Compressor may be your best bet! This 5 Horsepower Vertical Air Compressor offers a 25% less operating noise level by dissipating intake noise and channeling intake air.

Made with 100% solid cast iron, this product is also durable and reliable while also offering an extended life of up to 50,000 hours. No wonder it is one of the favorites based on max air compressor reviews.

Furthermore, it features a Cool-Tek technology for reducing moisture buildup, lowering the operating temperature by up to 35%, and extending the lifespan of the pump. This technology also makes the  EMAX ES05V080IT one of the coolest running compressors out there.

It has a 1, 750-RPM motor that runs smoothly and quietly, offering a voltage of 208 to 230 Volts. Concentric Flow-Tek disc valves also enhance longevity and increase performance quality.

Additionally, this ram air compressor 80-gallon is designed with a low profile and drain and valve components for quick and easy cleaning and oil changing. One of the best 7.5 HP air compressor contenders come from the same series.


●    Well-built and well-engineered

●    Quiet operation

●    Cool-Tek Technology prevents overheating

●    50, 000 extended product life

●    Durable with multiple technologies

●    Automatic tank drain


●    Very heavy

●    One of the most expensive air compressors

4. Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor

Last but not least, we have the Industrial Air ILA4708065. This 80-gallon air compressor features a high airflow, a cast-iron cylinder body, and an oil lube pump with a 1-piece cast iron crankcase for maximum performance and durability. 

It offers a maximum pressure of 155 PSI and a 14 CFM at 90 PSI. It also comes with an integrated control panel that includes an airflow regulator, a pressure relief valve, tank and working pressure gauges, and two quick connecting air outlets.

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The larger 80-gallon capacity and the ASME air receiver allows you to run the compressor for longer periods as used for air tools like hammers, spray guns, impacts, and ratchets. It runs at 4.7 Horsepower and 240 Volts.

This compressor unit also features a full metal belt guard for safety and protection. It is both CSA and UL-certified for quality and safety assurance as well.


●    Takes up less floor space according to vertical air compressor reviews

●    Longer run time

●    ASME approved for safety

●    Can power more than one air tool at a time

●    Powerful motor

●    Protected from voltage fluctuations

●    Efficient and cool operation


●    Produces more noise than other models based on industrial air compressor reviews

●    Not as light or portable as other similar air compressors

●    Shorter warranty period

Benefits of an 80-Gallon Compressor

1.    Bigger Air Capacity

80-gallon compressors offer a higher air volume capacity than most other air compressors. This means that they allow you to give a higher pressure or PSI rate to your tools. Another thing I like about this is that you don’t have to refill the tank as often as you would for smaller air compressors. This is especially useful for using heavy-duty tools that can easily drain a smaller air tank.

2.    More Value for Your Money

An 80-gallon compressor, while do tend to be more pricey, are suitable for a wider range of applications. Most of the features that make them more expensive are useful and convenient, anyway. These include automatic drains, safety features, overload protection, and cooling technologies that really justify the higher price points.

3.    Better Durability

Because most 80-gallon air compressors are made with cast iron materials, they can be very heavy and large. However, one upside to this is that they are generally not considered as something you move around often. This not only ensures maximum run time but also prolongs the serviceability and enhances the durability of the unit.

4.    Versatility

Since 80-gallon air compressors offer higher airflow rates and power, they can be used for many heavy-duty applications as well as less demanding projects. Some compressors can even let you use multiple power tools at a time, saving your money and time. You can also use them for grinding, cutting, airbrushing, spray painting, and many other applications when a source of higher pressure is needed.

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5.    Safer at High temperatures

While other industrial-grade machines and tools can eventually explode or lead to fire, air compressors can be easily and safely used at high temperatures. Not only do many models have cooling technologies, but the air generation also happens directly at site so high temperatures are not as big a concern.

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Things to Consider When Buying an 80-Gallon Air Compressor

It’s not easy to choose the right air compressor, especially if you don’t know the right features to look for. These units are pretty expensive, so you have to make sure you are making a good investment. The following are the most important factors to consider:


First, consider what applications you will want to use an air compressor for smaller projects and tasks like inflating bouncy houses or air mattresses, a simpler model is okay. For industrial use, look for more powerful models.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage?

These are the two types of compressors available. Single-stage compressors use one cycle to compress air while two-stage compressors utilize two cycles. Two-stage compressors provide more power and pressure but take longer. Single-stage compressors are faster but deliver less pressure and power.

For more information about these types, please watch this video:


If you will use the compressor near your home, look for something quiet. Generally, larger units tend to be louder. Look for a quieter model to minimize noise pollution for the sake of your health and other people’s.


This corresponds to the motor’s capacity to drive the pump. Of course, a higher horsepower equals a higher pressure. However, too high can be dangerous. Usually, a 5 HP to 7HP air compressor is ideal.

Durability and Longevity

Since compressors cost more than $1000, you have to make sure the one you buy will last long. Look at the materials and construction. Cast-Iron construction is very durable. Also, look at the amount of promised working hours. For an 80-gallon air compressor, anything over 15,000 hours is already a good deal.


Based on these upright air compressor reviews, the best 80-gallon air compressor is clearly the Powermate Vx PLA4708065. It is reasonably priced, powerful, and durable. The only downside is its stability, which can be solved by simply bolting it to the ground.

Did you learn anything from this article? I sure hope so! If you have any more questions, clarifications, or suggestions, please feel free to leave them below!

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