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Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Ridden Persons

Best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is a foot problem that you can commonly encounter every day. If you’re one of these individuals suffering from this painful condition, you need not worry. You have to know that you don’t need to limit your physical activities, such as basketball or other sports.

You can still play your favorite game. All you need is the best basketball shoes plantar fasciitis designed product. You have to use the appropriate shoes, so as not to aggravate your condition. The good news is that there are available shoes, which are appropriate for your needs.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fanciitis is a condition characterized by inflammation and pain of the tissue connecting the bone of your heels to your plantar fascia (toes). This can lead to ankle and leg pains – if left unattended.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

  • Tenderness in the heel
  • Tingling of the heel
  • Sharp pain at the heel
  • Burning sensation
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain after prolonged rest or standing

When the symptoms become severe, you may want to consult a therapist, who specializes in ankle, bone and tissue pains.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

  • Repetitive pressure during stretching or exercise


There are certain exercises that can cause fasciitis. These include exercises that repeatedly focus on the heels of the feet, such as running, dancing and jumping.

  • Undue pressure on the heels


Excessive heavy pressure on the heels is another cause. Avoid activities that exert strong, heavy pressure on your feet or heels.

  • Unknown  causes


In some cases, the causes are unknown. Plantar fasciitis is also dependent on certain risk factors, such as the type of task that you engage in, your age (older people are more prone to plantar fasciitis), the type of exercise you do, your inborn deformities, and obesity.

If you’re into basketball, you can choose any of these three best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. We have made it simpler for you by providing you with only three choices to select from. You would be glad that you can still engage in your favorite sports by having a pair of shoes that could respond to your particular needs.

Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Nike Lebron XIII Low Prm 13 Mens Basketball Shoes

Playing basketball is difficult but enjoyable. However, you could not enjoy the game, unless you’re comfortable in your gear. These best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis are made of durable synthetic material that can last for several months.

With this pair of shoes, I’m certain you would appreciate how you can optimize your performance in your game. Also, since the sole is synthetic, they provide a sturdier traction and ample foot hold. Moreover, they don’t amass dust or dirt easily. The features of these shoes can be likened to the Kobe AD Mid, which is one of the gold standards for basketball shoes.


Reasonable price

Durable and long lasting

Come in fashionable design and colors

Superb performance because they are made of high quality materials

No breaking-in is required as they would fit perfectly, with the right size


They may not fit flat-footed persons

Sizing issues; a few consumers complained that the shoes are narrow, and one complained that the shoe was too big

One buyer reported that the shoes were scuffing off easily, and the soles were falling off

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

These best basketball shoes plantar fasciitis feature a Xeno upper design that promotes comfort and safety. The shoes are made of l00 synthetic and textile material which contribute to the durability of the shoes. The biomechanics of the shoes allow dunking, and other necessary motions for your basketball game.

These are perfect for point guards, as the lacing design prevents pressure on the laces. The soles are made of outstanding rubber material. They have high tops and a soft, comfortable textile lining for maximum performance. The midsoles provide a wrap that is lined, to allow excellent performance. Your energy consumption would depend on how long and how much pressure you apply. This Adidas CF Ignition Mid is perfect for basketball layers with plantar fasciitis.


  • Fashionable design and colors
  • Hard rubber sole for long endurance
  • Compatible with Sports equipment, as they are safe and secure to use
  • Provide adequate ankle support with their  comfy inner linings
  • Has great traction, ensuring stability when playing
  • Extra boost provides high energy for a great performance using a wide range of motion


  • Not recommended for flat-footed persons
  • Slightly heavier because of the hard soles
  • A few users reported that the laces and lace holders broke easily
  • Sweating of the feet occurs, so they need  a proper ventilation system

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown Basketball Shoe

These athletic shoes are also best basketball shoes for sever’s disease, as they are comfortable for long use. Basketball players with plantar fasciitis could also find these shoes perfect for their games. The lockdown feature allows you to wear the shoes easily. The lateral and medial supports provide a safe and secure fit. The shoes are made of leather and l00% synthetic material that can conform to the shape of your feet.

The rubber soles lend stability to your movements. In addition, your ankles are protected with the added collar foam. Your soles are also protected because of the full-length molded EVA midsoles and sockliners. The rubber soles are solid, featuring a herringbone traction pattern. This allows linear and lateral control of your movements.


  • Trendy colors and design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry or use
  • Permits stability due to the sturdy soles
  • Fits perfectly because of elastic material
  • High top heels protect ankles with the added foam feature
  • Allows lateral and linear movements with their full-length molded EVA


  • Laces are too long; if not tied properly, you can trip yourself
  • A few buyers complained about the soles wearing off easily
  • Sizing issues; they can be too large for others or too small for some people

Buying Guide for Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

When you’re looking for a basketball shoes that are specific for individuals with Plantar Fasciitis, you have to consider the following features.


Aside from the aesthetics, you must consider primarily, whether the shoes could provide comfort to your feet. Would the pair of shoes be able to ease the pain and inflammation of your feet? When you walk, your gait must be normal and easy. Whether you’re playing on hardwood or concrete floor, or any topography, your feet should be protected from the impact.

Eases pain and inflammation

Since you have a foot condition, you should buy only a pair of shoes that would help you get better. The shoes should ease your pain and inflammation, and could also allow you to play basketball or other sports. More importantly, your shoes must not exacerbate your feet problems. This has to be your primary consideration.

Has proper ventilation

The shoes must provide ample ventilation, so your feet are protected. Constantly damp or wet areas would worsen the pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis. Even amidst the momentum of your game, your feet should remain dry. Likewise, your Achilles tendon has to be protected as well. When the shoes have an automatic lockdown, there should be a feature allowing air to enter. This entry can be lateral or horizontal.


Normally, you would want to purchase a pair of shoes which could last longer. This would save you a lot of money in the long run. They may be a bit more expensive at first, but you have to prioritize this aspect to save on cost. The shoes are weight bearing accessories; hence, they should be made of good quality materials. These should include the outrigger portions and inner linings of the shoes.


A lightweight pair of shoes would facilitate their easy usage. You could sprint, run, and do your lay-ups easily, when you don’t carry additional weight with your body. Furthermore, you can conveniently pack them in your hand-carry bag and take them with you wherever you may want to go.


This may not be your first priority, but wearing a fashionable pair of shoes when playing would lend you self-confidence. You feel a sense of pride when you’re looking your best while enjoying your favorite game. However, take note that comfort and durability should still be your major considerations.


Every buyer wants to get his/her money’s worth. You would like your choice of basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis to be the best too and yet offered at an affordable price. Bear in mind that not all expensive items are the best, and not all affordable items are made of cheap materials. There are inexpensive, yet durable shoes out there, if you’re diligent enough to find them. But we made it simpler for you. You may want to select from the 3 choices we presented here.

Here are videos about Plantar Fasciitis, you may want to watch:


These are the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis that you can choose from. They have similar features, so whichever you prefer would be suitable for your sport’s activity. Nevertheless, the most recommended pair of shoes by certified users is the Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe. The comfortable fit, durability, and protection they provide are incredible.

Likewise, the other two basketball shoes are dependable for plantar fasciitis too. You will have to know about your specific requirements and base your choice from there. Remember to consider the buying guide and the priorities we have mentioned. Your comfort must come first before the aesthetics.

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