Best Boots for Dairy Farmers: A Detailed Rundown 2019

I think we can all agree on the fact that farm tasks are never easy. We are all so accustomed of the heavy farm tasks and most people think that the work in dairy farms come in handy. But with all the raking, lifting and sieving each day, the best boots for dairy farmers is a must have.

In this post, I will give a detailed rundown of the best farm work boots for ranchers and farmers. We will also compare three of the best work boots for farmers complete with a concise roundabout of each product and verdict of who wins what category. So if you happen to be someone who is just curious about or really in need of farm rubber boots for farm work, then this post is for you.

Why do Dairy Farmers Need the Best Boots?

Dairy farmers give the best care to their cows and one of these care measures is protecting their hooves. As much as they have to ensure their cows’ hooves protection, they also need to protect their own feet. The farm is oftentimes wet and they need the best boots for them to not slip or for them to maintain their balance while they roam around the farm. Thus, these are the reasons why dairy farmers need the best boots.

What features should the best work boots for farmers have?  

Dairy boots are often farm rubber boots for farm work. And while you may say that all rubber boots would make the list for the best boots for dairy farmers, this is definitely not entirely true. There are still some things that must be considered before making your choice. One thing to put in mind is that, the best boots for dairy farmers should give more benefits than costs. So what must you look for in dairy boots?

For one, the best boots for dairy farmers should be beneficial for back support. Our feet is for balance and posture. Insufficient support for balance leads to back pain. In this case, the best boots for dairy farmers should have a well cushioned sole and a comfortable footbed. Second, farm work boots for ranchers and farmers should also insulate heat to the feet for them to avoid literally having a cold feet which is quite a concern because it actually shows that blood circulation is not that healthy. Third, they should not be too heavy

With these, dairy farmers need the best boots because they are essentially one of their most important gears to see to it that all the farm works are done. And because farm boots are investments for dairy farmers, the ones mentioned are things that you could consider in finding the best boots for dairy farmers.

The Top Three Best Boots for Dairy Farmers

There is no easy choice to any product. While there are thousands to choose from when it comes to the best boots for dairy farmers, I have settled only to the three best ones in my opinion.

If you are looking for a stylish quick use, around the house garden boots, this one might be the best fit for you. It features an “all day comfort insoles” in which the boots wrap the feet comfortably without being too tight. It is made of medical grade materials which makes it glossy so you can just hose it up with water when mud sticks to it or just wipe it with wet cloth. What sets this boot apart from the rest is its vibrant designs from heavy floral to polka dots. It will really give a distinct feel while tending the garden because it lets you stand out in the field. I heard from a good friend that since the sole is made of 50% recyclable materials, you can send the old, worn-out sole to Slogger’s and they will give you a new one!

We Liked

We didn't Like

  • Deeper tread than other farm boots
  • Has a nice grip in all types of surfaces and even at steeper angles
  • Great traction
  • Short

This boot offers authentic cowboy vibe with quality leather material and sophisticated designs and stitching. It stands at 12 inches and is made of SPR leather which means that it is more durable and resistant to abrasions and cuts than traditional leather. With its Comfort Core which provides cushion and heel plugs for shock absorption in every step, Air Flow System which allows air to circulate inside avoiding smelly odor and Carbo Tec mini-lug oustoles which makes it oil and fuel resistant, this boot for me is the real deal.

We Liked

We didn't Like

  • Built in steel shanks provide steady footing and longer arch support
  • Heel plugs in the insoles make it easier to take off
  • Keeps the impact of every step from reaching joints
  • Durable and can last up for three years
  • Compact design gives maximum warmth to the feet
  • More expensive than other farm boots

Elegance in look, durability and comfort are the major features of this boot. Like Durango, it is also made of SPR leather so it can resist abrasions and harmful pasture chemicals used in the farm. It is also very durable as it is built through Good Welt construction which, through the years, has been a reputable footwear construction process because of its trusted bonding, durability and high-end cushion. This boots is also made with the Georgia Waterproof System so you are sure that you get the warm and odourless feet even under heavy work.

We Liked

We didn't Like

  • Soles are directly attached
  • Oil-resistant dual-density outsole
  • Provides optimum flexibility, balance and cushioning for the feet
  • Back seams are small

Summary and Verdict

I think that all farm workers are only in search of three things when it comes to the best work boots for farmers: comfort, durability and protection. With these three features in mind, I think that all of the three boots featured here exerted effort in meeting these categories. They are all waterproof, gave much detail to the cushion and prioritized the combination of warmth and durability.  So technically, I will base my verdict on which boot I can use more flexibly.

If you are looking for easy-use boots which you can use in tending farm plots and in weeding, I think that Slogger’s is the best fit. For everyday heavy work in bigger farms, construction and even in everyday ranch use, it is a tie between Georgia Boots and Durango. Both of these boots really gave so much detail to cushioning, feet protection under heavy farm work and air circulation for warmth and protection. So for this post, it will be a tie between Georgia and Durango.

All farmers deserve the best ranch and farm boots not only because as I have said, boots are one of their most important gears for the job. But aside from that, they need a dependable farm boots that will get them through the heavy tasks of the day with ease. With this rundown, I hope that you got some useful insights in making your farm boots choice. A special shout out to dairy farmers out there who are exposed to substances used in pasture every day, it always pays to choose the best boots for dairy farmers.

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