Top 5 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel in the Market today

September 20, 2018


What are the best shoes for tarsal tunnel syndrome? Most probably, this is one of your primary questions, if you’re suffering from this health problem. In this case, you have to wear the appropriate shoes that would alleviate your pain and provide comfort to your precious feet. This would also ensure that you can do your daily physical activities with the least problems.

What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Tarsal tunnel syndrome or TTS results when the tibial nerves in the tarsal tunnel are compressed. This would cause pain and inflammation in the foot. You can experience a burning sensation, numbness, a sharp shooting pain or paresthesia (a feeling of being pricked by numerous needles). You may suffer one or two of these symptoms in your affected foot.

The epidemiology of TTS (a nerve condition in the feet) is similar to that of the Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a nerve condition in the hands. A nerve conduction study can determine both the presence of TTS or CTS.

In the former, sometimes the back of the knee gets involved as well, when the popliteal fossa bones, the tibia and the femur, are injured as a result of improper shoes.

In these cases, you would need a pair of shoes that could reduce the pain and assist you in recovering from this syndrome. These should be comfortable shoes that would not aggravate the illness.

To help you out with this task, I have compiled the 5 Best shoes for tarsal tunnel that you can choose from.

Quick view top 5 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

1.   ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

These rubber-soled shoes provide gel cushioning at the rear portion of the feet. The shoes are made of synthetic material with a removable sock liner, so that you can use feet orthotics as well. The durable synthetic material that is used ensures that the shoes are cool and do not easily succumb to daily wear and tear.

If you’re an athlete with tarsal tunnel, this could be the best shoes for you. However, make sure you order the correct size as the wrong fit could add injury instead of easing the pain. The outsoles can allow you to walk easily on any surface as the traction is sufficient to keep you stable on your feet.


  •          Comes at a reasonable price
  •          Raised heels help in keeping correct posture and stability
  •          Excellent for various types of terrains due to its rugged outsole
  •          Great as an athletic shoe for running and walking as its durable
  •          Provides gel support that can provide cushion to the arch and the foot
  •          Porous mesh and synthetic material provides cool temperature to the           feet
  •          Can be used as a casual or running shoes because it can fit perfectly             with the correct size


  •          Bulky to carry around
  •          A few customers complained about the soles padding wearing out                quickly

The Propét Men's TravelFit Strap Walking Shoe can be another choice for you as it features flexible, synthetic insoles, which are ideal for persons with TTS. Its broad toe area allows your toes sufficient space to curl and stretch. The synthetic and textile material could last a long time, provided you take care of the shoes properly.

The TravelFit strap would allow you to put it on and off quickly because you simply strap it on and unstrap it. I recommend this shoe if you’re fond of walking because they have great insoles that could support your feet and ankle. These shoes are superb for people with TTS too, as it can allow more movement to your toes.


  •          Flexible sole for your toes to move more freely
  •          Fashionable and stylish to wear on any occasion
  •          Simple but classic design that you can be proud of
  •          Ensures stability when walking because of synthetic soles
  •          Lightweight and easy to bring with you anywhere you go
  •          Easy to use because of the Velcro – closure that are quick to hook on            and off


  •          Sizing issues, a few customers complained about its small size, and others about its large size

3.     Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Comfortable Diabetic Flat Feet Avery Island Men’s Walking Shoes

These shoes are made especially made for individuals with TTS. These shoes have an Ortho-Cushion system that would soften your steps due to its lightweight sole and air cushions.This superb system also could ease pressure on the joints, allows maximum foot movement and would provide stability when you walk. The shoes are made of leather, while the sole is of rubber.

You can insert an orthotic insole conveniently that could support the arch of your feet.The cushion would lend softness to the heel pad area as you walk, as it conforms to your feet motions. Also, it can ease pain caused by yourtarsal tunnel, your knees, lower back and hips. People with plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, and other foot pain and deformities can use these shoes too.


  •          Stylish and presentable anywhere
  •          Orthopedic inserts can be used easily
  •          Soft on feet due to soft, padded interior
  •          Excellent for wide feet due to wide foot box
  •          Provides stability and comfort because of its design
  •          Can be used for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions
  •          Good for diabetic patients because they comfortable and soft


  •          One customer complained that the pair of shoes didn’t work out for his plantar fasciitis

4.     Dr. Comfort Wing Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe Leather Lace

These Dr. Comfort shoes are made from the finest, quality leather that features superb smooth interior insoles and lightweight outsoles. They come in elegant designs that you would appreciate. They are not only stylish but are also comfortable. The lining is seamless and padded to ensure that the shoes’ therapeutic function is accomplished.

They have lace closures that allow you to wear them quickly and easily. They are intended for diabetic individuals, but they are also perfect for people with tarsal tunnel syndrome.


  •          Comes in classic designs that you can display anywhere
  •          Extra depth allows flexible movement of the toes and feet
  •         Can be therapeutic to people with diabetes, TTS, and plantar fasciitis
  •          Lightweight and can be carried easily in your bag or backpack
  •         Soft and comfortable due to padded interior and lightweight outsoles
  •          Good for men's have plantar fancitic


  •          Sizes not accurate

5.     Orthofeet Most Comfortable Diabetic Achilles Tendonitis Foot Heel Pain - 465 Dress Men's Shoes

The Ortho-Cushion System allows comfortable and less restricted feet movements when persons with feet conditions walk or run. The shoes have extra depths and wide toe boxes that have soft interiors. Furthermore, they are padded with foam, so persons with hammer toes, TTS, bunions, metatarsal pain, diabetes and other feet deformities could wear them.

With correct use, the shoes could ease pain in the heel, foot, ankle, knee, and lower back.This is because they can alleviate the symptoms and help ensure that at the end of the day, the person’s feet are still in good form. Included in the shoes are orthotic insoles that would provide support and cushion to your heel pads.


  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • Has sufficient area to insert insoles
  •  Has a wide toe box that allows the toes to relax
  • Designed specifically for people with foot problems
  •  Provides ample amount of traction to make walking comfortable
  •   Reduces pain caused by foot illnesses due to its soft and padded interior
  •   Good shoes for people who have Achilles Tendonitis


  •    Poor sizes

What to Look for When Buying Your Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

You should consider the following features when buying your footwear to ascertain that you would be wearing the appropriate shoes for your feet condition.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Do your feet fit comfortably into the shoes? Do you find it easy to put the shoes on and off? You should not suffer pain after wearing them for a long time. If you did, then you may have to return it or swap it for a bigger size. Thus, the product must have a warranty. With the wrong shoes, your condition might aggravate, and before you know it, you have to undergo surgery.


Naturally, durable and long lasting shoes areyour priority, if you want to cut on cost. The shoes must be made of high-quality material to be able to endure the daily wear and tear.In addition, when you suffer from a tarsal tunnel syndrome, the shoes should not only ne durable but must be able to support your lower limb anatomy.


With the proper insoles, your TTS can get better, and the occurrence of ankle sprains could be prevented. You have to choose a pair of shoes that has ample foot, heel and arch support. The shoes must provide a cushion at the insoles that would prevent your tarsal tunnel from getting worse.


Aside from cushioned insoles, the shoes must be able to stabilize your movements and provide enough traction to reduce friction. Excessive traction can cause other musculoskeletal system disorders that can include injury to your leg or ankle nerves or muscles.


A pair of perfect shoes would allow you to insert medical orthotics to help ease your condition (special tarsal tunnel syndrome orthotics). It must also be made of excellent materials that can provide suitable insoles or outsoles that would support your feet condition.

Length and Width

The length and the width of the shoe have to fit your size accurately. This way, you won’t be worsening your TTS. You have to measure your both feet first, before choosing your shoes. The right shoe size would facilitate your selection and ensure that your feet would feel comfortable at all times.


Heavy shoes can worsen your condition. So, select a shoe that is lighter and easy to walk in. You may want to compare the weights of the shoes, and read users’ reviews. I have already compiled for you the most recommended shoes from users – all you have to do is to choose the perfect fit for you.

Buying Tips in Choosing the Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

  • Measure the length and width of your feet before ordering.
  • Choose a pair of shoes that can provide enough space for orthotic inserts.
  • Ask recommendations from family and friends, who have the same health problem.
  • You may want to choose a reliable product that offers a price that is budget-friendly.
  • Excessive pain after wearing the shoes indicate that they are not the right fit for you.
  • If your feet don’t get any better and pain and inflammation persist, you may want to consult a doctor with Medical specialties in neurology (nerves), muscles, and bones.


These are the top 5 shoes that you can choose from. Your choice would depend on your preferences and your purpose. Will you use it as an athletic shoe, or will you use them normally?

For athletes, who have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, the ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe is best. For people who don’t do much physical activities, the Orthofeet Island Men’s Walking Shoes is good for them.

If Iwere to answer the question: “What are the best shoes for tarsal tunnel?” then I will recommend the two. You can choose either of them based on your lifestyle and particular needs.

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