Easy Steps to Keep Your Jewellery Shimmer

Easy Steps to Keep Your Jewellery's Shimmer


Pieces of jewellery retain their beauty longer when given proper care. If you plan to buy necklaces online soon, it might be worthwhile for you to learn some basics in jewellery care. They are not complex procedures and use materials that might just be stocked in your pantry. If you want your jewellery to continue to sparkle and charm, noting these cleaning tips is what you should do.

Stainless steel is easy to clean


Some dishwashing solution is what you need. The lustre of stainless steel jewellery is what makes these pieces appealing. Cleaning them to keep them shining bright is not a tough task. All you need is a small bowl of warm water with a few drops of gentle dishwashing soap. Sink a soft piece of lint-free fabric in the soapy solution and wipe it on your stainless jewellery pieces till they are clean. Remember not to exert too much pressure as you rub.

Dry and polish to let it shine. Wipe off the soap with a moist cloth with clean water. Air dry the jewellery with a clean cloth afterwards and leave them to dry. When completely dry, polish them using a jewellery polish or wipe in the shine with a polishing towel.

Rose Gold can be cleaned with pantry staples

Rose gold jewellery has that soft and attractive charm. DIY cleaning of rose gold jewellery pieces calls for a small bowl lined with aluminium foil with the shiny side facing up. Into that bowl pour in a cup of warm water then add a tablespoon each of salt, baking soda and dish soap. Soak the rose gold jewellery in the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. When the time is up, remove the jewellery from the bowl then carefully dry it with a lint-free cloth. Be gentle.

Cleaning Rhodium-plated jewellery is as easy as 1-2-3

Rhodium-plated silver pieces are best cleaned with warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. Rinse off soap thoroughly then dry the jewellery right away to prevent mineral residue from the water to stick to the jewellery. Chemicals should never be used for cleaning rhodium-plated jewellery, and that includes toothpaste that is frequently used as jewellery cleaner by many. Toothpaste can damage your jewellery. 

Caring for precious gold is not demanding

Gold is precious and can be kept looking great with proper care. Gold jewellery does not tarnish, but body oils, make-up, and lotions can smudge them and dull their glimmer. To clean gold pieces, you will need a bowl of warm water with a small amount of dish detergent. Soak the gold pieces for a few minutes. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub off dirt stuck on the jewellery's grooves if any. When clean, rinse and dry the jewellery thoroughly using a polishing cloth. 

Giving proper care to the things and people you love brings wonderful results. Plants bloom and prosper with proper care. Children grow into healthy and happy adults when cared for with love. Jewellery pieces remain beautiful and lustrous with proper care too. It doesn't take much effort to care for them, but the reward for keeping them clean and bright will make you proud. Next time you buy necklaces online check if you have the cleaning materials needed for your jewellery collection and order them too. Let your jewellery collection shine their brightest with the best care.
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How to Style Vintage Boho Bags Like a Fashion Expert

There is a specific appeal to vintage boho leather bags that make it a timeless fashion item to have. While it may possess a distinct characteristic that makes it unique among all other trends and styles, it is more versatile to style than what most people think. One of the reasons behind this is the shades that you can incorporate with the boho style.

Another key trait of boho or bohemian clothing and style is it represents being artistic and free. That said, you should feel the opposite of intimidation whenever you find a cute boho purse or attempt to customize your OOTD with a bohemian-style leather bag.

So, How to Style Vintage Boho Bags Like a Fashion Expert?

To help you understand better how you can incorporate the said type of fashion in your wardrobe, take note of the following styling tips:

Contrast and Complement

Bohemian bags come in a broad range of colors and hues. Some are even embellished with crystals, fringes, and embroidery that make it more appealing and eye-catching. That said, you have a variety of styles to choose from. You can choose a more toned-down design or add more vibrancy to your everyday wear with more vividly embellished bags.

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Mix and match

The easiest way to style a vintage boho bag is by pairing it with a white knit sweater or a light-coloured cardigan and jeans. You can also buy fringed leather accessories and sandals to complete the look. Some boho-inspired outfits add a dash of silk chiffon, or embroidered dresses and hats. Find a combination that speaks to you the most and flaunt it.

Sundresses always work.

Aside from the usual cardigan and jeans, sundresses are also easy to pair with most bohemian bag designs. You can wear them with knee-length and ankle-length dresses. You can even pair contrasting shades of dresses and bags, to add more depth to your overall look.

How-to-Style-Vintage-Boho-Bags-Like a-Fashion-Expert-1

Don your favourite pair of boots and headwear pieces.

Whether you like wearing ankle boots or knee-length boots, suede-type boots and leather boots always go well with vintage or boho styles. You can choose to wear shoes that match the hue of your boho leather bag or wear one in a darker tone. Better yet, why not wear an all-white outfit and accessorize your bohemian-inspired OOTD with a fringed black or brown bag? For the headpieces, some of your options are leather headbands and crowns made of either faux feathers or flowers.

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Oversized ponchos or jackets with scarves help do the trick.

Fringed scarves and jackets or ponchos with Aztec print instantly complement your boho bag. It is also perfect for cold weather if you are worried about going overboard when combining bohemian elements, tone down the different elements in your outfit with either a plain white blouse, skinny black jeans, or a pair of black boots.

Find a structured boho gown.

Bohemian doesn’t always have to be free and flowy. Just take a look at some of the most beautiful lineup of boho leather bags for the said style preference. It can be compact and more reserved while still exuding an artistic vibe.

You can tell that a dress is a boho through the prints and colours. Mandala designs, abstract art, or paintings of flowers and fruits in bright yellow, aquamarine, navy, marigold, and purple hues should make an effortlessly chic boho statement.

Do you know how to style vintage Boho bags like a fashion expert? What are you waiting for? Give these styling tips a try and flaunt the free-spirited bohemian within you!

What are the Differences: Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700

Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700, who would win? What are the major differences between the three? The one solution here is to read this article, and I am sure you won't be let down.

Actually, there is no winner. We can hardly say which one is better than the other, as the need and the price for each customer are different. We hope, in this article, that we can break down clearly every factor in the process of choosing which one is the suitable one for you. And of course, to show the differences between the 3 products.

Key Aspects to Consider When Buying Soundbars

Buying soundbars can be relatively easy when you keep these following pointers in mind but it's not assured we could find them all in one specific soundbar.

Sound produced

Naturally, you should choose the soundbar that would deliver the best sound. Consequently, you will be listening to sounds, and these should be clear. The winner in this aspect is the bose 700, as the sound it produces is vivid and more spacious.


Your next consideration is the quality in which the soundbar is built. Is it made of excellent material that doesn’t crumble through wear and tear? It’s because you would be using your soundbar every day for sure, and you need a stable and sturdy device to match your angst.


Could you count on it not to break down in the middle of a piece? Does it deliver the sound as crisp and as clear as it should? There’s no use buying a soundbar at a cheap price if all you want to hear are distorted sounds. The device should be reliable and efficient by producing sounds that reflect the true quality of the audio. Otherwise, scrap it.

Ease of use

Does it take you hours to install your soundbar? Or is it easy to use by simply mounting it to a wall, or placing it on the top of a table? You must consider this aspect significant as the complexity in installing it could waste your time and energy. This is crucial with devices that you would use every day. Setting it up every time may not be easy for other types of soundbars.


Can you carry it with you anywhere? This is important because you don’t listen to music only in your home. You want to listen to music and audios anywhere and anytime. Having your soundbar right there with you wherever you want to bring it, would be a blast. Take this into consideration when buying your soundbar.

Aesthetic value

You can omit this aspect if you don’t mind owning a plain but highly effective device. However, most people would like their soundbar to sound good and look good, as well. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your soundbar blend with the elegant ambiance of your home? Hence, you could also consider this as an aspect to pick your choice.


The cost is crucial for buyers who want to scrimp. If you want to save on cost, be careful because, generally, the cheaper products get, the less reliable they are. Of course, this is not always the case. There are less expensive soundbars that are reliable, durable and great sounding as well. Nevertheless, you will have to be patient and diligent in searching for them.

What is the difference between Bose 300, 500 and 700?

#1. Size

The size is one aspect of the bose 500 vs the bose 700 that you have to consider. The bose 700 is wider and longer with a measurement of 38.5 inches in width and 2¼ inches in length.

The bose 500 soundboard is smaller and shorter with a measurement of 31.5 inches in width and 1¾ inches in length.

The bose 300 measures 38.5″ in width and 2.25” in length. Obviously, it measures like the bose 700 and is bigger than the bose 500.

#2. Sound Produced

The bose 700 produces a clearer and more powerful sound and vocals than the bose 500, as it provides larger space and throws the audio a lot better. The bose 300 produces a sound made by the Bose SoundTouch app, while the 500 and the 700 are from the Bose music app.

#3. DTS and Dolby Decoding

The bose 700 can decode Dolby Digital and DTS, while the bose 500 cannot decode DTS. But you may want to read the specific details of any of these soundbars before purchasing. On the other hand, the bose 300 can decode both the DTS and Dolby Digital.

#4. Control Buttons

The remote control of the 700 is universal and more convenient to use because it has built-in features that allow selective use of the buttons into the device that you’re currently connected to. This is whether you’re connected to a Blu-ray player, a TV, a game system, or a cable satellite box. The Bose 700 has also a durable optical cable that comes with the set.

Though the Bose 500 also has a built-in control found at the top, it only provides a basic control without the features that the bose 700 control has. The bose 300 also has the same control as the bose 50, so it’s not a universal control but just the basic control.

Which is the Best Bose Soundbar?

The best Bose Soundbar would depend on your purpose. It’s the best soundbar for you if it fulfills your requirements and preferences. For simple listening, the best Bose Soundbar is the 500 and the Bose Soundbar 300, but for fuller sounds and more features that you might need, the best Bose Soundbar would be the 700.

Table of Comparison: Bose Soundtouch 300 vs Bose Soundbar 500 vs Bose Soundbar 700

For a more summarized version of the differences between the three, here’s a table of comparisons that you could refer to.


Soundtouch 300

Soundbar 500

Soundbar 700




Crisp and deep

Classic Bose

More spacious, low, and loud


Not applicable

8-mic array

8-mic array

Built-in Alexa support








WiFi Drive




Audio output channels




Remote control

Basic Remote

Basic Remote

Universal Remote

Compatible video source



HDMI & 4K pass-through

Headphones with the noise-canceling mechanism




Measurements in inches

38.5″ width x 2.25″ height x 4.25″ depth

31.5″ width x 1.75″ height x 4.0″ depth

38.5″ width x 2.25″ height x 4.25″ depth

Bose App


Bose Music app

Bose Music app

Weight in pounds




Access to Smartphone




External design





Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700 Review

However, before we can proceed in comparing these three superb soundbars, let’s learn about each of their product details first.


Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

The Bose soundbar 300 has incredible features; such as a durable metal grille and a high-quality premium glass that lend an aesthetic value to the soundbar. It has also invisible wireless surround speakers, which you can use if you want to hear deeper bass sounds.

You can calibrate the sound to fit the space of your room. You don't have to worry about it being so loud or so soft. The 300 can adjust to the size of the room that you want to play your music in.

It is compatible with video sources, such as Bluetooth, HDMI, and 4K pass-through coupled with Wi-Fi and NFC. Hence, you can conveniently stream your favorite movies, music, and TV shows. The audio formats it supports are DTS and Dolby Digital.

You can also add a voice-controlled Alexa to your set-up. Anytime you want to, you can command Alexa whatever music you want to play without touching any button of the soundbar. The Alexa unit is not included in the package though – you have to buy it separately.


Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa voice control built-in

The bose soundbar 500 provides excellent features that you would want from a soundbar. Bose soundbar 500 reviews speak highly of the performance of this device. Its sleek design lends elegance to the device; you would love using it anywhere.

You can quickly have access to music and more with its Alexa and Google assistant that is built-in, for your convenience. What more, the bose 500 soundbar has the ability to reject disruptive noise and pick up the voice effectively and superbly.

With its excellent sound and sophisticated features, you can stream whatever music or sound you want and however you want it – wirelessly. The bose 500 soundbar is also compatible with Bluetooth, Apple airplay 2, and Wi-Fi. This is one incredible advantage of this soundbar.

In addition, you can access music services, such as Spotify, Apple, or your tablet, or phone, and enjoy your favorite sounds with the best soundbar. Also, you can quickly stand or mount the soundbar on the wall, or place it anywhere safely.

With matching headphones and the SimpleSync technology that cancel noise, your listening experience would be a blast. A bose surround speakers would complete your set-up for an exceptional bose soundbar experience. 


Bose Soundbar 700 with Alexa voice control built-in

Based on bose soundbar 700 review posts, this is one of the best performing soundbars in the market. Its outstanding features and exceptional sound can be played flawlessly from Wi-Fi, a Google assistant, or Apple through Alexa’s built-in mechanism. Alexa can play in Spanish and English, all you have to do is choose the option you want.

This incredible Bose soundbar 700 could reject noise and bring forth exquisite sounds that only an exceptional soundboard could do. You can also connect to online music streaming sites, such as Spotify and similar sites, with Wi-Fi and enjoy the sound anywhere and anytime.

You could also connect your tablet or phone and bask in the surrounding Bose speakers. For maximum enjoyment, you can use a bose headphone that gets rid of the noise and provide you with an incredible sound. The SimpleSync technology of the bose would allow you to do so.

*/ The Bose Soundtouch 300 vs SoundBar 500

Bose Soundtouch 300

Product Details

4.5 / 5