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What are the Differences: Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700?

Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700, who would win? What are the major differences between the three? The one solution here is to read this article, and I am sure you won’t be let down.

Actually, there is no winner. We can hardly say which one is better than the other, as the need and the price for each customer are different. We hope, in this article, that we can break down clearly every factor in the process of choosing which one is the suitable one for you. And of course, to show the differences between the 3 products.

Key Aspects to Consider When Buying Soundbars

Buying soundbars can be relatively easy when you keep these following pointers in mind but it’s not assured we could find them all in one specific soundbar.

Sound produced

Naturally, you should choose the soundbar that would deliver the best sound. Consequently, you will be listening to sounds, and these should be clear. The winner in this aspect is the bose 700, as the sound it produces is vivid and more spacious.


Your next consideration is the quality in which the soundbar is built. Is it made of excellent material that doesn’t crumble through wear and tear? It’s because you would be using your soundbar every day for sure, and you need a stable and sturdy device to match your angst.


Could you count on it not to break down in the middle of a piece? Does it deliver the sound as crisp and as clear as it should? There’s no use buying a soundbar at a cheap price if all you want to hear are distorted sounds. The device should be reliable and efficient by producing sounds that reflect the true quality of the audio. Otherwise, scrap it.

Ease of use

Does it take you hours to install your soundbar? Or is it easy to use by simply mounting it to a wall, or placing it on the top of a table? You must consider this aspect significant as the complexity in installing it could waste your time and energy. This is crucial with devices that you would use every day. Setting it up every time may not be easy for other types of soundbars.


Can you carry it with you anywhere? This is important because you don’t listen to music only in your home. You want to listen to music and audios anywhere and anytime. Having your soundbar right there with you wherever you want to bring it, would be a blast. Take this into consideration when buying your soundbar.

Aesthetic value

You can omit this aspect if you don’t mind owning a plain but highly effective device. However, most people would like their soundbar to sound good and look good, as well. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your soundbar blend with the elegant ambiance of your home? Hence, you could also consider this as an aspect to pick your choice.


The cost is crucial for buyers who want to scrimp. If you want to save on cost, be careful because, generally, the cheaper products get, the less reliable they are. Of course, this is not always the case. There are less expensive soundbars that are reliable, durable and great sounding as well. Nevertheless, you will have to be patient and diligent in searching for them.

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What is the difference between Bose 300, 500 and 700?

#1. Size

The size is one aspect of the bose 500 vs the bose 700 that you have to consider. The bose 700 is wider and longer with a measurement of 38.5 inches in width and 2¼ inches in length.

The bose 500 soundboard is smaller and shorter with a measurement of 31.5 inches in width and 1¾ inches in length.

The bose 300 measures 38.5″ in width and 2.25” in length. Obviously, it measures like the bose 700 and is bigger than the bose 500.

#2. Sound Produced

The bose 700 produces a clearer and more powerful sound and vocals than the bose 500, as it provides larger space and throws the audio a lot better. The bose 300 produces a sound made by the Bose SoundTouch app, while the 500 and the 700 are from the Bose music app.

#3. DTS and Dolby Decoding

The bose 700 can decode Dolby Digital and DTS, while the bose 500 cannot decode DTS. But you may want to read the specific details of any of these soundbars before purchasing. On the other hand, the bose 300 can decode both the DTS and Dolby Digital.

#4. Control Buttons

The remote control of the 700 is universal and more convenient to use because it has built-in features that allow selective use of the buttons into the device that you’re currently connected to. This is whether you’re connected to a Blu-ray player, a TV, a game system, or a cable satellite box. The Bose 700 has also a durable optical cable that comes with the set.

Though the Bose 500 also has a built-in control found at the top, it only provides a basic control without the features that the bose 700 control has. The bose 300 also has the same control as the bose 50, so it’s not a universal control but just the basic control.

Which is the Best Bose Soundbar?

The best Bose Soundbar would depend on your purpose. It’s the best soundbar for you if it fulfills your requirements and preferences. For simple listening, the best Bose Soundbar is the 500 and the Bose Soundbar 300, but for fuller sounds and more features that you might need, the best Bose Soundbar would be the 700.

Table of Comparison: Bose Soundtouch 300 vs Bose Soundbar 500 vs Bose Soundbar 700

For a more summarized version of the differences between the three, here’s a table of comparisons that you could refer to.

Features Soundtouch 300 Soundbar 500 Soundbar 700
Image bose-300-vs-500-vs-700 bose-300-vs-500-vs-700-2 bose-300-vs-500-vs-700-1
Sound Crisp and deep Classic Bose More spacious, low, and loud
Microphone Not applicable 8-mic array 8-mic array
Built-in Alexa support Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Drive Yes Yes Yes
Audio output channels 5.1 7.1 7.1
Remote control Basic Remote Basic Remote Universal Remote
Compatible video source HDMI HDMI HDMI & 4K pass-through
Headphones with the noise-canceling mechanism Yes Yes Yes
Measurements in inches 38.5″ width x 2.25″ height x 4.25″ depth 31.5″ width x 1.75″ height x 4.0″ depth 38.5″ width x 2.25″ height x 4.25″ depth
Bose App SoundTouch Bose Music app Bose Music app
Weight in pounds 10.4 7.0 10.5
Access to Smartphone Yes Yes Yes
External design Bar-shaped Bar-shaped Bar-shaped
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Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700 Review

However, before we can proceed in comparing these three superb soundbars, let’s learn about each of their product details first.


Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

The Bose soundbar 300 has incredible features; such as a durable metal grille and a high-quality premium glass that lend an aesthetic value to the soundbar. It has also invisible wireless surround speakers, which you can use if you want to hear deeper bass sounds.

You can calibrate the sound to fit the space of your room. You don’t have to worry about it being so loud or so soft. The 300 can adjust to the size of the room that you want to play your music in.

It is compatible with video sources, such as Bluetooth, HDMI, and 4K pass-through coupled with Wi-Fi and NFC. Hence, you can conveniently stream your favorite movies, music, and TV shows. The audio formats it supports are DTS and Dolby Digital.

You can also add a voice-controlled Alexa to your set-up. Anytime you want to, you can command Alexa whatever music you want to play without touching any button of the soundbar. The Alexa unit is not included in the package though – you have to buy it separately.


Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa voice control built-in

The bose soundbar 500 provides excellent features that you would want from a soundbar. Bose soundbar 500 reviews speak highly of the performance of this device. Its sleek design lends elegance to the device; you would love using it anywhere.

You can quickly have access to music and more with its Alexa and Google assistant that is built-in, for your convenience. What more, the bose 500 soundbar has the ability to reject disruptive noise and pick up the voice effectively and superbly.

With its excellent sound and sophisticated features, you can stream whatever music or sound you want and however you want it – wirelessly. The bose 500 soundbar is also compatible with Bluetooth, Apple airplay 2, and Wi-Fi. This is one incredible advantage of this soundbar.

In addition, you can access music services, such as Spotify, Apple, or your tablet, or phone, and enjoy your favorite sounds with the best soundbar. Also, you can quickly stand or mount the soundbar on the wall, or place it anywhere safely.

With matching headphones and the SimpleSync technology that cancel noise, your listening experience would be a blast. A bose surround speakers would complete your set-up for an exceptional bose soundbar experience.


Bose Soundbar 700 with Alexa voice control built-in

Based on bose soundbar 700 review posts, this is one of the best performing soundbars in the market. Its outstanding features and exceptional sound can be played flawlessly from Wi-Fi, a Google assistant, or Apple through Alexa’s built-in mechanism. Alexa can play in Spanish and English, all you have to do is choose the option you want.

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This incredible Bose soundbar 700 could reject noise and bring forth exquisite sounds that only an exceptional soundboard could do. You can also connect to online music streaming sites, such as Spotify and similar sites, with Wi-Fi and enjoy the sound anywhere and anytime.

You could also connect your tablet or phone and bask in the surrounding Bose speakers. For maximum enjoyment, you can use a bose headphone that gets rid of the noise and provide you with an incredible sound. The SimpleSync technology of the bose would allow you to do so.

*/ The Bose Soundtouch 300 vs SoundBar 500

Bose Soundtouch 300

Product Details

4.5 / 5


Simple & Fast control


Turn on nice music effortlessly


More bass, spaciousness & surround sound.


Wireless connectivity




Microphone system


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Bose Soundbar 500

Product Details

4.4 / 5


A microphone system with an 8-mic array


Advanced sound production


Wireless connectivity with voice control


Spaciousness and surround sound.


App control


Compatible with optical cable


Read Full Review

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Tips in Using Your Bose Soundbar 300, 500, and 700

  • Avoid exposing the soundbar to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the device.
  • Position your soundbar in a safe and secure place out of reach of children. It’s not a toy that your kids can play with.
  • Use the bose surround speakers to get powerful audios. They also match the soundbar’s features so well.
  • When connecting to your phone or tablet, make sure you have used the proper drive or outlet. Ensure that the type of bose soundbar that you have has the ability to connect with your specific device.
  • When receiving your purchase, ensure that the soundbar is working properly by double-checking its functionalities; otherwise, you can return it immediately for replacement- if it’s defective.
  • Read the instructional manual that comes with the bose soundbar before attempting to use it.
  • Buy only from reputable companies, such as Bose, to guarantee that the product is genuine, durable, and reliable.

*/ FAQ – Questions People Often Ask & We Answer Those


Choosing your soundbar would depend on your purpose of purchasing the product. What are you planning to do? Not considering your requirements and budget, the best Bose soundbar that we recommend is the Bose Soundbar 700. The features of the bose 700 are high-end, and its functionality is superb. It’s the best-sounding bose soundbar in the market.

However, if you’re on a budget, the Bose Soundbar 500 or 300 will do. The sounds are crisp and clear too, only they have less features than the 700. But they can be a good starter set for one who loves his music and wants to bask in the great-sounding audios coming from the soundbar.

If you’re ready to buy any of these bose soundbars, go ahead. You won’t regret it.

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