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Can You Put Converse In The Washer? Tips for Your Long Live Converse!!

It’s great to have shoes that you like, but washing them is time-consuming. How to wash Converse shoes without wasting time and still clean. Can You Put Converse In The Washer? It’s true that these questions make you difficult. But don’t worry, check out the article Can You Put Converse In The Washer? Tips for Your Long Live Converse!! to know the answer.

Can You Put The White Canvas Converse In The Washer?

White Converse is always the ideal choice for every style, from the office to going out with friends or to formal ceremonies. With many usage issues like that, white Converse shoes are always a topic of discussion. If you like white shoes but don’t have time to wash them by hand, can you leave them in the washing machine to save time?

Even though the brand highly recommand that DO NOT MACHINE WASH, but at last you may have Yes fom us, but your Converse will not maintain their visual as a new for long. To minimum the damage from the washer for your Converse, you may follow these step below:

– First, fill a clean drum with warm water;

– Dissolve 2/3 baking soda powder with a little dishwashing liquid. Note, do not use washing powders for normal clothes. Detergents with too high a pH will cause your shoes to lose color faster;

– Scrub the difficult-to-remove wound pattern on the fabric and shoelaces first, then the border, then the sole. By doing this, you will help the wounds to be easily cleaned by the machine. Remember to clean the sand from under the sole to protect your shoes and the washing machine. (Take off the separate shoe laces);

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– Then, add 1/2 cup of laundry detergent specifically for shoes. If you don’t have it, you can replace it with laundry detergent. Note: Do not pour directly on shoes, but mix with water available in the washing machine drum;

– When the washing machine finishes washing, take the shoes out to dry, Do Not Spin and Wash the shoe alone;

– Drying shoes is also an important step to avoid yellowing shoes. What you need to do is wrap tissue paper around the canvas, paying attention to wrapping more in the lower areas where water collects. For example, the part of the fabric that meets the sole, or around the shoe laces.

Can You Put The Color Canvas Converse In The Washer?

If the obstacle of white converse is yellowing, another difficulty that brown converse faces is fading. With Canvas fabric, if you don’t wash it properly, your Converse shoes will become an obsession. So, can color converse be in the washer? Again, the brand said NO, but we still say YES if you can accept the consequence:

– Color Converse is sensitive to bleaching and laundry detergents with high PH. These substances will speed up the fading process of your shoes.

– You should clean the rubber sole first, avoiding the case where the shoe body is clean but the sole doesn’t see any difference after washing.

– When washing, you should use detergents that do not fade colors or use low PH detergents to protect your shoes.

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– You can use specialized shoe washing bags sold on Amazon to increase the lifespan of your shoes.

Can You Put The Leather/Synthetic Converse In The Washer?

If Canvas Converse can be reluctant to use the washing machine, should Leather/Synthetic be washed in the washing machine? This time, our answer is the same as the brand: NO.

The structure of Leather/Synthetic is easily broken under strong impacts such as washing machines, or being washed with brushes that are too hard. Ideally with Leather/Synthetic Converse, you should hand wash following these steps:

– Shoe laces need to be stored and washed separately like normal fabrics;

– Use a damp cloth to gently wipe with warm water and mild soap around the outside.

– For the inside, if your Converse has a removable sole, soak it in warm water. Then, repeat the step with the inside.

Leather/Synthetic Converse is sensitive to water and chemical soaps. So you can pay more attention before deciding to buy Leather/Synthetic Converse.

Note: Do not expose Leather/Synthetic Converse to direct sunlight. The leather will easily dry out and crack when exposed to high temperatures.

Can You Put The Suede Converse In The Washer?

Suede is a material that is extremely sensitive to water, brushes with rough surfaces and high temperatures. Therefore, The Suede Converse In The Washer is No Dream. Your converse will become a nightmare if you leave them in the washing machine.

JUST: Brush away dirt with a suede brush, when dry.

Tips To Make Your Converse Still Shining With Washer?

The better you do the cleaning step, the cleaner your shoes will be after washing in the washing machine.

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Buy yourself a bag to wash your shoes in the washing machine. This tool will help prevent your shoes from being exposed to water and being eroded by the rotation of the washing machine.

You should buy a specialized brush and detergent set for shoes.

When drying, remember to cover the outside with a layer of paper, dry at room temperature, stuff with paper to help maintain their shape. Change paper occasionally throughout drying process.

If the stains are too difficult to clean, you can use bleach, or lemon, vinegar, or other shoe cleaners to clean them. Note: Do not use on colored shoes.

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