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Healthy Practices Healthy Aging – 6 Habits That Add Extra 10 Years To Your Lifespan

Healthy Practices Healthy Aging

Aging is inescapable. It’s a transition that transforms lives and livelihood.

As people grow, they pride themselves on having more numbers to count but hate the concept of looking old.

Meaning they seek only one thing, graceful aging.

Tweaking some lifestyle changes in your routine can add 6 – 10 extra years to your life calendar if you do it right.

The genetic makeup contributes to aging. However, daily habits and routines could boost or slow the process.

This post highlights behaviors you should promote and the ones to dump for young and mid-aged souls that desire to blow more candles.

1. Eat whole foods with a high nutritious content

Whole foods, raw fruits, and fresh, clean water are man’s dietary necessities. Consuming a combination of these foods is one of the best ways to maintain blooming skin.

Have you recently noticed dry skin or wrinkles when looking at your mirror? Aging skin is something most feel insecure about, yet it has a simple fix.

Raw fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants. These substances neutralize free radicals responsible for premature aging and attacks on collagen.

Collagen handles many physiological processes, like skin protection, bone and cartilage formation, etc.

Consuming lots of processed carbohydrates like pasta, baked goods, and cakes may damage the collagen.

Additionally, an individual might experience severe health complications like heart attacks and diabetes.

But, raw fresh foods like pepper have compounds like capsaicin that improve our metabolism and reduce coronary diseases.

2. Guided Meditation will improve mental health

Get Rewarded for doing nothing! Sit, close your eyes, meditate and see results.

I don’t think that’s how we’d define meditation.

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Meditation is an actual process that involves a shift in energy at a subconscious level.

So, your body does work behind the scene from you.

The health benefits of meditation will amaze you, especially for seniors that lack lots of energy to lift weights.

In a 2015 study by UCLA, A long-term meditator had a healthier and denser brain than a none meditator.

This meant they were more intelligent and had better ways of coping with stress.

As we meditate, brain activity in areas associated with anxiety and depression decreases. A significant increase in brain activity in areas associated with pain tolerance is also observed.

What are the health benefits?

  1. Improved memory.
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Goal setting capabilities
  4. Reduced stress

On average, people who meditate have higher brain density. The high levels of gray matter formed to account for it.

If your brain and mind are healthy, you can control the world within and around you.

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3. Keep your hydration levels in check

When do aging insecurities kick in? That must be when wrinkles surface on our skin.

Though aging is inevitable, almost everyone loves to remain young and energetic. The feeling of weekly medical checkups isn’t pleasant for anyone.

Keeping your body well-hydrated protects your skin and other essential organs like kidneys and the liver.

Dehydrated blood applies lots of pressure to the liver causing damage and inefficiency.

Always drink plenty of water to flush your organs and detoxify them. For the sake of the liver, add lemon juice to stimulate bile production, an acid required for digestion.

These five signs suggest you’re dehydrated.

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Dry skin – This is one of the earliest signs of complete dehydration. Without water in the body, you’ll have no sweat leading to the body’s inability to wash away dead cells, dirt, and accumulated oil.

Joint paint – The cartilage at the joints is estimated to consist of at least 65 – 85% water. With increased dehydration, the lubricants fail to absorb the shock imposed on the joints.

Lethargy – A dehydrated body draws oxygen from the blood. Without a proper water supply, less oxygen is distributed. Fatigue and sleepiness are the results of poor oxygen supply.

Digestive disorders –  The membrane along the gut has mucus that protects intestinal walls. Without proper hydration, the mucus lessens, allowing stomach acids to irritate the walls. You may experience hurt burns and ulcers.

Very dark urine – If the color of urine isn’t pale yellow but dark like apple juice, check your water intake. A liter or two a day is good for your health. Immediately start taking sips. You should notice a significant change in the next five days.

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4. Seek new hobbies that interest you

Think of something outside your professional life that you love. Something that inspires you to keep pursuing and ignites a burning passion inside you.

That’s what will save you from lots of stress, depression, and mental health disorders. Studies show that those who actively work on their hobbies are less stressed and generally live happier.

If you have something to do that excites you, as long as it’s healthy. Do you love painting, go and paint. What about piano? Go for it. Join my ride.

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We can only age gracefully if we’re living happily in harmony because happy people are likely to live 14% longer than people that don’t appreciate their lives.

5. Ditch Cigars and liquor

A fancy cocktail might taste nice but comes at a high price—your health.

Both smoking and alcoholism may cause devastating effects on your body, hindering you from aging gracefully.

Let’s talk smoking – Have you noticed how most smokers have visual complications? Smoking feels recreational and addictive but comes with both long and short-term effects.

When someone mentions smoking, lung and mouth cancer come first as the side effects.


Did you know smokers are twice more likely to have visual complications than healthy people?

Chances of developing cataracts are high. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye’s lens that results in reduced vision, muted colors, and light sensitivity.

If cataracts stay for long without medical attention, they could lead to blindness.

What about liquor – Do you ever wonder why alcohol is legalized in most nations over other recreational drugs like marijuana?

Neither drug is good for our health unless prescribed by a physician. However, society sees it as something that enhances our lives.

To some extent, alcohol might be a solution to some problems until it becomes trouble.


To live a harmonious long life, manage these five habits effectively.

  1. Whole foods with a high nutritious content are everything.
  2. 30 mins of meditation a day keeps a psychiatrist away.
  3. Always watch your water intake and hydration levels.
  4. Hobbies, hobbies, live a life
  5. Stop smoking, stop drinking or maintain small liquor amounts.

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