How Long Are Converse Laces? Why Are Converse Laces So Long?

If you own a pair of Converse sneakers with excessively long laces, you may find them not only bothersome but potentially hazardous as well.
So, why are Converse laces so long?
Converse aims to accommodate all shoe sizes, ensuring that every pair can be fully laced up. This means that the lace length required for size 20 sneakers is also supplied to smaller sizes to avoid returns due to short laces.
In addition to this practical consideration, factors such as factory errors can lead to Converse laces being longer than necessary. In this article, we’ll discuss why Converse laces are so long and provide simple hacks to shorten them effectively.

How many Laces does Converse have by now?

To ascertain the ideal lace length for your Converse shoes, it is essential to understand the various lengths of Converse laces. After conducting research, we discovered the following:
Converse laces come in four distinct lengths: 27, 36, 45, and 54 inches. The lace length is determined by the number of eyelet pairs on the shoes.
Nonetheless, as Converse offers a range of shoe models, each with a different number of eyelet pairs, it is crucial to evaluate each model individually when selecting the appropriate lace length.

Are there different between Converse Lace Shoes?

Now that you’re familiar with the various lengths of Converse laces, the next step is to figure out the appropriate lace length for your shoes. This decision hinges on the number of eyelet pairs in each model.
To determine the appropriate length of Converse laces, follow these steps:
  • Identify the number of eyelet pairs on the shoe.
  • Multiply that number by 3.
  • Add 12 to the result to establish the correct lace length.
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Let’s examine three distinct Converse shoe styles.

How long are Converse Low Top laces?

The length of Converse Low Top laces depends on the number of eyelet pairs on the shoes. For most Converse Low Top models, such as the Chuck Taylor All Star Low Tops, which typically have 5 pairs of eyelets.
If you want to calculate the lace length using the previously mentioned formula, multiply the number of eyelet pairs by 3, then add 12. For 5 pairs of eyelets: (5 x 3) + 12 = 15 + 12 = 27 inches. This gives you a rough estimate of the appropriate lace length.
However, it’s essential to verify the number of eyelet pairs on your specific model to ensure the correct lace length.
Conclusion: Converse Low Top Laces is 27 inches – Depends on number of Eyelet pairs.

How long are converse high top laces?

The length of Converse High Top laces depends on the number of eyelet pairs on the shoes. For most Converse High Top models, such as the Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops, which typically have 8 pairs of eyelets, 54-inch laces are the standard length (as the way calculating Converse Low Top Laces above). However, it’s essential to verify the number of eyelet pairs on your specific model to ensure the correct lace length.

Why are Converse Laces so long?

You might be wondering why Converse laces are so long. The explanation is straightforward: Converse, as a shoe manufacturer, needs to accommodate all shoe sizes. Essentially, every shoe size must be taken into account.
Since sneakers are mass-produced, Converse must ensure that all shoe sizes receive adequate lace lengths. Providing different lace lengths for size 7 and size 15 shoes can be costly, so the same laces used for size 15 shoes are also used for size 7 shoes. Consequently, size 7 shoes might receive longer laces than necessary.
Moreover, various lacing methods exist beyond the standard “criss-cross” approach. With each method requiring different lace lengths, shoe manufacturers like Converse must ensure that their shoes can accommodate various lacing styles.
Thankfully, there are simple tricks for lacing Converse shoes while simultaneously shortening the laces…

Can shorten Converse Laces while tying?

There are two methods to shorten Converse laces while tying them: bar lacing and loose lacing. Here’s a detailed explanation of each method:

Bar lacing method

Bar lacing involves running the laces straight across the eyelet pairs instead of using the standard “criss-cross” pattern. This method shortens long Converse laces by doubling each eyelet, creating a neat appearance and reducing pressure on the top of your feet.
To bar lace Converse sneakers:
  • Start at the first pair of eyelets, inserting both ends from the outside in. Once inside, hold the two ends together and pull them tight.
  • Push the left aglet through the adjacent eyelet from the inside out. Push the right aglet through the next two adjacent eyelets from the inside out.
  • Both ends should run straight up on the inside, skipping one eyelet and emerging two eyelets higher. Then, both ends should continue straight across on the outside and through the adjacent eyelets.
  • Alternate running up on the inside and across on the outside until lacing is completed.
  • After lacing, tie your Converse laces. The hidden verticals inside the shoe create a neater look.
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Loose lacing method

Loose lacing is another way to naturally shorten Converse laces, resulting in a casual, untied appearance.

To loosely lace Converse shoes:

  • Start at the first pair of eyelets, inserting both ends of the lace from the outside in. After lacing the first pair of eyelets, move to the next pair and insert the aglets from the outside in instead of the inside out.
  • Use your finger to maintain a loose appearance throughout the lacing process.
  • Repeat this process until you reach the last pair of eyelets. Afterward, pull the tongue upward, ensuring the laces hang loosely without touching the ground.
  • Keep in mind that loose lacing can cause the shoe tongue to slide.
And there you have it – the answer to the question: why are Converse laces so long?
Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to handle Converse laces that seem excessively long by using unique lacing methods. Additionally, you can determine the appropriate lace size if you ever need to replace them.


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