Learn These Easy Steps on How to Catch a Frisbee


Are you a newbie in the game of Ultimate also known as Frisbee? This sport is gaining more popularity, especially in the college sports scene. But aside from throwing the disc, catching it also requires knowledge, skills, and practice.

How to catch a Frisbee is as important as how to throw it. Mastering the basic catching techniques could be difficult at first but in time, you will be able to understand the play and determine the best catching style to use.

Unfortunately, this skill is often taken for granted compared to throwing skill. What newbies like you should know is that catching is a good technique and be able to eliminate drops will help your team to win. Hence, you must practice this skill and take note of the dos and don ts of the game.

What You Will Need to Do 

In order to achieve a successful catch, you have to make sure that you are aware of the rules of catching. Here are two of the most important rules to follow in catching a disc:

  1. You must always keep an eye on the disc.

  2. You must use both of your hands, whenever possible, in catching it.

Now, take note that two-handed catches have different categories according to the situation. For high catches that are above the shoulder, use the two-handed rim catch with your thumbs underneath. If it is a mid-catch or a catch between the shoulder and the waist, you should use a pancake catch or a crocodile catch.


On the other hand, catches below the waist or the low catch, use the two-handed rim catch with your thumbs on top. For catches below the knees to just above the top of the head, it is important to use two hands.

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Different Catches and How to Do It

PANCAKE CATCH – this is the simplest and also, the safest catching technique. Here’s how to do it:

  • Same with the picture, both of your palms should be facing each other, and closer to your body while anticipating the trajectory of the disc.
  • If the disc is now within reach, trap it or “clap” it between your hands but it should be in a vertical manner.
  • As the receiver, try to get your body behind the direction of the disc. This is the catching style that is ideal to use for the majority of different throw types since it is least prone to errors.

The receiver should attempt to get their body behind the direction of travel of the disc. It has the advantage that if the catch is mistimed, there is a good chance that the disc will hit the body of the receiver and still be caught between the hands. This is the style that should be used for the majority of throws as it is least prone to error. Here’s a video on how to do it.

Crocodile Catch

  • Crocodile style catch is ideal for harder passes, especially if the receiver is running. To do this, one should open their arms, both pointing in front with arms almost parallel and one hand above the other like a crocodile jaw.
  • Throw the disc up at chest height and catch it firmly by bringing your hands together, creating a loud clap sound.

This catch attempts to decelerate the discover while preventing harder throws to dropped. However, the disc has the tendency to flip out sideways because the receiver’s arms are roughly parallel.

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Rim Catch

Catching on the rim should be only used if the disc is around the ankles or above the head because it is a risky technique. It is also advisable to use if you cannot slide or dive to catch the disc. It also has the tendency to spin out of your hands compared when catching the disc on top and bottom.


Thumbs on Top Rim Catch

this style is ideal for below the waist catch. The receiver should focus on the disc’s leading edge and grab it on either side. Take note of the angle and grab the disc accordingly. The thumbs should be pointing towards the disc and the fingers pointing to the ground.

Thumbs Under Rim Catch

Is ideal for above shoulder throws. Same with the thumbs on the top catch, the receiver should focus on the disc’s leading edge and grab it on either side. This time, the thumbs should be pointing towards each other while the index fingers are forming the pyramid.


  • It is safer to grab the disc using both of your hands as it offers a larger margin or error. Likewise, it makes it easier to control the disc. Always remember to keep your eyes on the prize which is, of course, the disc. There are instances that you will need to catch it with one hand where it is difficult for you to use both hands. However, it is most prone to dropping and other errors.
  • Still, you have to keep running on the disc and never to wait for it to come to you. Stretch your hands towards the disc. Going to the disc is crucial in maintaining the possession in the game. Taking the disc early should be a habit and avoid waiting for it to arrive.
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There are different types of catching style that can be used in various situations. With frequent practice and positive mindset, you are sure to become successful in executing the catching styles mentioned above.

Aside from proper catching technique, there are also rules to follow to make your catch undisputed.

We hope you liked our tutorial and be able to use it. Do you have something to share with us? Please drop your comments in the section below. Sharing is caring so we hope you will share this with your friends.

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