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One of your greatest fears may be someone breaking into your car and vandalizing and stealing your valuables. I feel you. This has often caused me sleepless nights as well, because I keep monitoring and keeping close watch of my car, less a vandal would reduce it to smithereens. Burglars could also steal its parts or items inside the car.                                                                                                                                                                                    For those who have a safe and secure garage (residential) and parking lots, this may not be a problem. Nonetheless, if you don’t have this luxury, you may end up stressing a lot about the safety of your car that may be parked on your driveway or in a poorly-lit parking lot with no security guards.

Well, nowadays with Wi-Fi and advance Digital Technology, such as surveillance or hidden camera, a Dashcam, a security camera, or a Closed-circuit television can do the job for you. All you have to do is choose the correct security camera that suits your needs.

Here are some products you can choose from.

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Reolink Argus 2

If you’re not into wires, setting up a Reolink Argus 2 would solve the problem for you. It’s 100% wireless, and has a solar or non-solar rechargeable battery. What’s awesome about this camera is that it detects motion and has Night vision that alerts you to intruders. You can also receive important alerts through your email.

Reolink PoE Camera 4MP

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You may also opt for the Reolink PoE Camera 4MP that comes with a microSD card, video recording, and an Ethernet cable up to 330ft. Aside from its night vision, motion detector and dynamic range angle that is 130 degrees wide. Also, you can link to your iPhone, PC or android phones for alerts.

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Reolink 4MP 8CH PoE

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In case you want not only a surveillance system but ones that can capture a 24/7 video recording, you can choose this type of security camera. It provides a night vision and an 80-degree angle, and can be used indoors or outdoors. The installation is easy, just like the other Reolink cameras.

Reolink 4MP 1440P

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Unlike the cameras with RLC-411WS that features a motorized lens, this camera features RLC-410WS fixed lens. They are both wireless cameras though that can be used with Wi-Fi on your phone. It can detect images vividly, provides night vision and an 80-degree view angle. It’s also outdoor weatherproof.

The Reolink RLC-411WS has also no audio while Reolink cameras with RLC-410WS have audios. You can learn more about the differences between the two from the YouTube below.

Now let see Reolink RLC-410WS reviews:

So, how can you catch someone breaking into your car and stealing your valuables and vandalizing your car at night? Here are steps you can follow.

Step #1 – Evaluate the area where you usually park your car and find out what you need.

You will have to assess the area and find out what you have to install to ensure your car’s safety. If it’s only 33 feet away from your doorstep, then you may opt for a camera that doesn’t need varifocal lens.

On the other hand, if the space is quite distant from your house, you may want to purchase a security camera with an optical zoom feature, with a Network-attached storage, so you can access the video on your device, or watch it later on. In instances when the space is large, the camera’s view angle must be wider and should have a night vision. This can help you capture anyone who vandalizes your car or steal your valuables.

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In this case, you need Reolink Argus 2 or the Reolink PoE Camera 4MP as they can be useful with this type of spaces. Also, a wireless camera can come in handy when you cannot access your Wi-Fi because of the distance from your residence.

Step #2 – Choose your camera according to your requirements

Based on your needs, you can now choose the equipment that matches your requirements. Consider the view angle, whether it should be wireless or not, and its Wi-Fi compatibility. The wireless Reolink Argus 2 and Reolink 4MP 1440P are both good for long distances as you don’t have to deal with the installation of wires.

Take note that what’s best for John may not be best for you because you may have different circumstances. You can ask referral from your friends, but in the end, your needs would dictate what’s ideal for your set-up.

All of the listed security cameras above detects motion and have night vision, so you can use them for common cases that don’t involve sensitive security details.

Step #3 – Install your equipment properly

You may want to hire an expert in installing your security camera. However, you can easily install most security cameras. You can simply download the Reolink DIY instructions from your device. Nevertheless, letting a person who is an expert in Digital Technology would ensure that your system would function efficiently.

Ascertain that your family is safe from whatever loose wire attached to the electrical connections that you would use for your camera. You must double check that the camera is also compatible with your device, whether it’s mobile or not. If connected properly, you would be able to receive alerts on your phone or computer.

Find a place where you can install it safely. In this aspect, an outdoor weatherproof camera is the best, such as the Reolink 4MP 1440P.

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Step #4 – Test your equipment

You can now test your camera and determine if it’s working according to how you want it to. Observe the input in your device for at least 24 hours. Determine if there are any loopholes of the security system or errors that need to be corrected.

Notice if you need a wider angle or clearer images. Can you see the surrounding area where your car is parked? What about the resolution of the image, is it clear? Can it send alerts to your device? Or does it require a stronger Internet signal?

Computing the distance between your house and your parked car, do you need a longer wire? If it’s not possible, then opt for the wireless.

Step #5 – Beef up your security

In case you have the finances and you want to reinforce your security, you can a security alarm that can be triggered through motion. But this can be tricky and exhausting because they can be extra-sensitive that even moving cats or dogs can trigger the alarm.

Some alarm systems are directly connected to the nearest police station in your area, so authorities can be alerted immediately when someone vandalizes your car or steals your possessions.

Installing a security camera is a crucial part of your security system as you can catch the culprit eventually.


You can catch someone breaking into your car by installing the proper security camera. Make sure that you implement the steps properly to be able to do so. In addition, buy your camera from authorized sellers only, so they would function properly and last for a long time. Install the camera where you can maximize its use. Knowing that your car is safe would allow you to sleep soundly for the night.

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