How to Style Vintage Boho Bags Like a Fashion Expert

There is a specific appeal to vintage boho leather bags that make it a timeless fashion item to have. While it may possess a distinct characteristic that makes it unique among all other trends and styles, it is more versatile to style than what most people think. One of the reasons behind this is the shades that you can incorporate with the boho style.

Another key trait of boho or bohemian clothing and style is it represents being artistic and free. That said, you should feel the opposite of intimidation whenever you find a cute boho purse or attempt to customize your OOTD with a bohemian-style leather bag.

So, How to Style Vintage Boho Bags Like a Fashion Expert?

To help you understand better how you can incorporate the said type of fashion in your wardrobe, take note of the following styling tips:

Contrast and Complement

Bohemian bags come in a broad range of colors and hues. Some are even embellished with crystals, fringes, and embroidery that make it more appealing and eye-catching. That said, you have a variety of styles to choose from. You can choose a more toned-down design or add more vibrancy to your everyday wear with more vividly embellished bags.

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Mix and match

The easiest way to style a vintage boho bag is by pairing it with a white knit sweater or a light-coloured cardigan and jeans. You can also buy fringed leather accessories and sandals to complete the look. Some boho-inspired outfits add a dash of silk chiffon, or embroidered dresses and hats. Find a combination that speaks to you the most and flaunt it.

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Sundresses always work.

Aside from the usual cardigan and jeans, sundresses are also easy to pair with most bohemian bag designs. You can wear them with knee-length and ankle-length dresses. You can even pair contrasting shades of dresses and bags, to add more depth to your overall look.

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Don your favourite pair of boots and headwear pieces.

Whether you like wearing ankle boots or knee-length boots, suede-type boots and leather boots always go well with vintage or boho styles. You can choose to wear shoes that match the hue of your boho leather bag or wear one in a darker tone. Better yet, why not wear an all-white outfit and accessorize your bohemian-inspired OOTD with a fringed black or brown bag? For the headpieces, some of your options are leather headbands and crowns made of either faux feathers or flowers.

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Oversized ponchos or jackets with scarves help do the trick.

Fringed scarves and jackets or ponchos with Aztec print instantly complement your boho bag. It is also perfect for cold weather if you are worried about going overboard when combining bohemian elements, tone down the different elements in your outfit with either a plain white blouse, skinny black jeans, or a pair of black boots.

Find a structured boho gown.

Bohemian doesn’t always have to be free and flowy. Just take a look at some of the most beautiful lineup of boho leather bags for the said style preference. It can be compact and more reserved while still exuding an artistic vibe.

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You can tell that a dress is a boho through the prints and colours. Mandala designs, abstract art, or paintings of flowers and fruits in bright yellow, aquamarine, navy, marigold, and purple hues should make an effortlessly chic boho statement.

Do you know how to style vintage Boho bags like a fashion expert? What are you waiting for? Give these styling tips a try and flaunt the free-spirited bohemian within you!

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