What Is The Difference Between The Photostick And Photostick Mobile?


It’s important to store our taken photos safely for recalling our memories at the perfect time. Generally, people store photos in a computer or mobile that may be damaged or unable to retrieve for some technical issues. And also saving in mobile or computer is a lot greater.

But now you can do this with a smaller period using. But the good news is you can easily store your valuable photos, videos, and other files. The Photostick mobile can be fruitful for mobile devices where Photostick is popular for PCs. Let’s have a clear idea of photostick and photostick mobile differences.

What Is The Difference Between Photo Stick And Photostick Mobile?

Though the name implies the same meaning at first glance, we’ve provided the Photostick and photo stick mobile differences for easy and hassle-free usage.

Photos Stick

This small tool works amazingly, and it has some important features that have made it outstanding.

This photostick can back up data like images, video, and other important files. This tool can operate on its own, and it does not require any command.

Photo Stick only works with computers, Windows, and Mac. Generally, we need to sort duplicate data in the photo stick, but there is no need to do any manual work with this tool. It automatically finds duplicates and then erases them.

Photo Stick Mobile

This is another type of photo stick that is compatible with mobile phones. And you’ll have this opportunity to back up your files, videos, and photos with this tiny tech tool. This photo stick mobile drive can is more like a USB thumb-drive to use with mobile.

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The latest amazing technological innovation brings a device for the generation to work easily. This tool upgraded the data backup process fast, and the small size makes it portable and easy to carry anywhere.

Photo stick mobile can perfectly work for android and IOS devices. This tool works with both iOS and Android applications. And you have to install it and start to backup your images, videos, and files. This device can backup around 15000 photos and free up lots of steps for you.

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Photo stick and Photostick Mobile: How to use?

These two devices are the best course of action to secure any data and your memories. Here are details about how it works.

Usage of Photo stick

  • You have to put a photo stick in the computer USB port to connect.
  • Within a few seconds, Photostick will start working, and you have to click on the start button.
  • Now, the photo stick will start to appear on your screen, and you have to press “go.”
  • Then, it will do its work smoothly to collect backup and organize everything.
  • Within a few minutes, it will complete the backup process.

After completing the transfer, you can change the file formats to organize everything manually according to your wish. Besides, you’ll find plenty of options, and you can go with any of them.

Usage of Photostick Mobile

  • The first thing you have to do is install the photo stick mobile app on your mobile from the respective app store.
  • Connect this device to your mobile USB port.
  • You have to open this app and install it.
  • Then give proper instructions about photos and files you want to keep a secure backup.
  • It’ll take a few seconds to take the backup.
  • After completing the data backup, your memory will be wiped up.
  • And then you remove the photo stick mobile from your device.
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Keep in mind that there is a different photo stick mobile for IOS and Android. One will not work on another device. For this reason, you shouldn’t be in a hurry while choosing one.

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Key Features of photostick and photostick mobile

Here we will discuss the features of photostick and photostick mobile. Now, get to it.

The Photo stick The Photostick Mobile
● Photo stick can backup photos, videos, and files automatically and very much faster.
● It supports different types of files such as mp3, mp4, 3gp, AVI, HEIC, JPG, and any other type of file.
● Its self-operating
● The software that operates this device is very easy to handle.
● This device provides free storage for securing data and important files for an indefinite period.
● Without the internet, it can make access to work. For using this, you don’t have to pay any subscription fees.
● The efficient app system of this device can easily upload files.
● Besides, the USB port enhances the way to store data on a computer or hard drive.
● This device keeps all the files organized and sorted.
● Thus the device can work with JPG, PCT, ICO, MOV, RAW, GIF, WMV, TIFF, PNG, BMP, AVI, MPEG4 formats to keep backup and keep secure.
● It can delete duplicates files automatically.
● In the photo stick mobile, you can back up all the data and files. If any data mistakenly got deleted, it could be recovered from apps.
● It doesn’t require any subscription charge.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Photo stick Cons of Photostick
● This device is fast and works automatically.
● It finds duplicate items and deletes them.
● It works very easily with a single click
● It got frozen sometimes, so be aware.
Pros of Photostick Mobile Cons of Photostick Mobile
● It can backup data from the phones by scanning it.
● It skips duplicate files during scanning.
Automatic and fast
● There is no proper instructions guide to use it.

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Final Word

For the proper security of important data, these two devices are very trustworthy and useful. Both of them provide you proper guarantee for the safety of your files. And you’ll find a hassle-free usage with both of these tech tools.

These devices will help you in saving you valuable time and getting things done within a few moments. They also eradicate the fear of losing important data. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the discussion on the photostick and photostick mobile differences.

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