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Tag: What do you wear to Ultimate Frisbee?

5 Of The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Reviews Today (Updated 2020)

Ultimate frisbee is definitely one of the most popular contact sports these days and like other sports such as Basketball and Football, it doesn’t require the players to buy expensive and different equipment. They will only need a frisbee disc and of course, the best ultimate frisbee cleats.

Best  Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee reviewed and rate in 2019

There are many cleats to choose from and they have different features to offer. We will give you five of the best ultimate frisbee cleats in the market today.

While this is a soccer cleat, some ultimate frisbee players prefer this shoe because it offers a dynamic speed feel. Apparently, it is specific to the Lionel Messi. The following features ensure that every user will stay on top of their game with Adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 cleats.

best-cleats-for-ultimate frisbee


  • It has 3D synthetic leather upper and synthetic sole which improves touch and feel. These materials also help the shoes to withstand the wear and tear due to frequent use.
  • It also has the messiTOUCH X-ray surface and skeleton outsole promotes agility even on artificial grounds.
  • Users like its dynamic messiGAMETRAX configuration that provides higher traction and speed like that of Messi.
  • Aside from these features, the colors and stylishness add confidence to its users.
  • The synthetic lining will give you your needed lockdown fit without sacrificing comfort.
  • Your feet can feel relaxed while playing because of the materials incorporated into it.


While it is a power shoe, the Adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat also has its downsides. The availability is somehow limited and always runs out of stock.

Likewise, you can find that a pair is being sold at a higher price. Thus, other players cannot purchase it.

This soccer cleat is an Adidas classic version and the turf version of their Copa Mundial, the company’s most famous running shoe ever.



  • It features soft, full-grain kangaroo leather along with Suede reinforced toe. Every part of it is stitched to ensure durability.
  • They use high-quality materials that comfortably fits.
  • It also has multi-studded rubber that gives additional traction even on dry fields and artificial surfaces.
  • Although its insoles are non-removable, the extra padding makes it comfortable to use.
  • These shoes are also on the wider side because they stretch and mold to the feet. Some recommend buying a pair that is half-size down to have a perfect fit.
  • Since it is padded, it allows the user to easily control their movement. The tongue is also thick that offers protection.
  • It got its name from one of the materials it used which is the turf soleplate. This material gives plenty of grips because it is made up of long conical studs. Hence, it can even double as a hard ground shoe if needed.


While it is a soccer cleat, it is quite hefty and is one of the heaviest soccer shoes on the market. One can feel the heaviness on their feet.

We all know for a fact that Nike not only creates shoes that are high-quality and comfortable, they are also creating attractive and stylish shoes. The Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleat is one outstanding sports shoes because they use soft, artificial animal skin that provides the good feel.

Football cleat pattern


  • This is a durable and simple soccer cleat that can withstand less-ideal conditions.
  • Users agree that it is cost effective with its synthetic rubber sole and fine finishes.
  • The outsole pattern of this cleat promotes multi-field traction and speed.
  • Players also like its low profile cushioning as it prevents their feet from being too pressed and helps them to stay focus on their every game.
  • Likewise, its firm lace closures hold the foot into place.
  • Most Nike shoes are pricey for the average customers but the Mercurial victory V is affordable depending on its size and design.
  • These cleats are designed for acceleration and management its contoured sock liner with textile prime textile.


According to some reviews, it's a tight-fitting shoe that requires them a longer break-in period. Since it is not made from leather, the material used is not stretchable. It hinders them to maneuver easily during the first days or weeks of use.

Users believe that this is one attractive and high performing soccer cleats that are also ideal to use in ultimate frisbee. It is important that your shoes have that snugger fit but at the same time, allows you to perform at your best. That is what the Adidas Performance Men's Ace offers.



  • The upper part is made of synthetic materials that make it soft but provides supportive control.
  • The cleats are specifically designed to be flexible, lightweight and soft, to give the players the comfort they need.
  • The synthetic sole and comfortable interior lining promote stability on artificial grass or any firm grounds.
  • Its flexible ground outsole, on the other hand, allows users to maneuver on hard grounds.
  • Customers attest to these cleats having a better grip while turning and running and helps them achieve greater acceleration.
  • The combination of the materials used ensures that your feet will feel comfortable whether you are passing or running the disc and regardless of the playing conditions.
  • Affordable and gives value for money.


Unlike other cleats mentioned here, the Adidas Performance Men's Ace 16.4 FxG Soccer Shoe is only available in two limited designs. Others also experience wearing after a few months of using them.

Talking about classics, cleats in general, have evolved over the past decades or so. They are now lighter and use various types of synthetic materials and take advantage of all sorts of technological advancements. However, there is one brand and type of shoe that stood the test of time and that is the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Today


  • The Copa Mundial is one of the most comfortable soccer cleats designed to perfectly fit anybody. After breaking them in, it will easily stretch and mold in your feet regardless if you have a narrow or wide foot.
  • The upper part is made from quality kangaroo leather which is extra soft and only gets softer after hours of using the shoe.
  • It also features a central lacing system that you can tighten without discomfort.
  • Its ‘tongue’ is very unique because you can wear it in different ways. You can either tuck it in, fold it, cut it off until where it meets your ankle or you just can leave it loose.


Since the Copa Mundial was designed and released some decades ago, do not expect recent technology in these cleats. The soleplate's design remains unchanged. However, the quality is still there, giving its users the superb comfort it can offer.

The Importance of Using Quality Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee

This exciting sport is a combination of throwing skill, fitness, and strategy. Hence, kids and adults alike are getting more interested in it. Nowadays, there are still quite a few official shoemakers that are designing Ultimate Frisbee cleats. Thus, you can either choose to stick with these companies or use shoes from other sports like Football or Soccer.

There are more reasons why investing for the best cleats is vital for players:

  • The quality of your cleats will have a huge impact on your performance on the field.
  • It will also affect the fluid movements and traction.
  • The right pair will give you added protection and comfort.
  • It helps to increase the players' versatility while playing.

How Cleats Differ

Like we mentioned earlier, most players of ultimate frisbee are using either lacrosse, football or soccer cleats. Here are some of the key differences among these cleats.

  1. Football cleats have front toe studs because its focus is on forwarding movement. It provides solid traction. However, lacrosse and soccer cleats do not have front toe studs.
  2. If you are after molded soles, the lacrosse and soccer cleats are a perfect choice. They work well on hard surfaces and are usually less expensive.
  3. Different studs include the hard ground, round and bladed studs. Football cleats usually have the bladed type for excellent speed and traction which is advantageous when playing in lesser ideal conditions. The rounded or conical cleats are for stability and less injury. Likewise, the hard ground is great for playing on artificial surfaces.
  4. Cleats vary in length. There are longer studs for digging into the field and shorter cleats that are great in making quick turns.
  5. There are also permanent and screw-in studs and plastic, rubber and metal studs. However, avoid the metal spikes, they are prohibited in ultimate frisbee.
  6. There are also low-cut and high-cut cleats that suit different playing condition. High-tops support the ankles while the low-cuts offers maximum maneuverability.
  7. Lacrosse and Soccer cleats are also lighter compared to football cleats because they have thinner midsole. The latter has thick midsoles for durability.

What to Consider Before Buying Cleats

While there are different cleats to use for different things, most players prefer soccer cleats with rubber or plastic conical studs because they are perfectly designed for quick release and speed. Thus, they are ideal to use in ultimate frisbee. 

Soccer cleats are lower cut which enables the player to do a wide range of movements. It also lessens the burden of their ankles and legs due to its lighter weight.

However, there are certain situations when soccer cleats are not your best option. Those who have an ankle or foot injury or has weak ankles, wearing high-cut cleats are highly advisable. Thus, soccer cleats can do more harm since they are generally low-cut.

Higher-cut cleats will hinder extra movement which is what an injured player needed. The extra protection will also help them protect their ankles since ultimate frisbee requires turning and juking.

Taking Care of Your Cleats

Like any other shoes, you have to take care of your cleats to ensure its quality and good condition.

  1. Cleats tend to wear down easily when used on hard surfaces. You can pack them inside a bag and only put them when you’re on the grass.
  2. Make sure to always keep them clean with a toothbrush, towel or rag. Allot a designated screwdriver as well but be careful not to scrape or puncture your cleats with it.
  3. Air drying your shoes every after game or practice is also a must. Avoid putting it directly under the sun to avoid cracking and tearing. Dry cleaning it is also recommended once a week.
  4. Deep clean it once in a while by removing detachable items like its insole, shoelaces, and cleats and wiping it with a damp towel.
  5. Do not use hot water and products with strong ingredients to avoid discoloration and cracking.

Our Winner!

While all the cleats mentioned here offers comfort, durability, and stability, there is one that we like the most and that is none other than the Adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe.

That classic feel and design can suit almost any ultimate frisbee player out there. While it lacks in technology, we can't deny that it's quality and durability are what it sets itself apart from the modern boots and cleats in the market today.

Well, in this case, we choose the simple and old school Copa Mundial as it can fit you and our other readers perfectly. No wonder why it is still popular for the past 20 years and has managed to survive the released of new generations of cleats.

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